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Children Projects

In 1992 we started our Program Thai Care, which is committing to help children in need in Thailand.

Nowadays, the former Thai Care program became Rain Tree Foundation and Thailand and Thai Care e.V. in Germany. It has grown over the years and actually we serve and support now more than 270 children in 5 projects.

What do we do ?

The children have several needs that the Rain Tree Foundation and Thai Care e.V. provides for:

- a formal education and vocational training
- providing basic needs like health care, clothing and food
- a loving and safe environment for body, spirit and soul
- assistance with income-generating activities for future perspectives

Who are the children ?

The children that qualify to enter our programs are either poor and/or from broken families. At our projects in North Thailand they come mainly from the Karen and Hmong Hill tribe. In South Thailand the children are from the Moken sea gypsy tribe.


Details about the children projects :

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What can you do ?

By helping us, you help them. Join us in our mission to help the children as there are many different ways and opportunities to do so. For further details please visit the “get involved” section at our web page or contact us directly.